Kristin Orlando (karebear8699) wrote,
Kristin Orlando

Gopher Dan and I went to the mall today after a fabulous time at Noodles and Comp., or as Gopher (Nick) would call it, Noodles and Doodles. Anyway we were in Express when Dan mentioned he was going to have to release his Noodles food. And that he was getting bad cramps. So we came up with one of those priceless things...

Reading Material - $10
Rolls (plural) of toilet paper - $5.49
Air freshener - $3
Getting rid of those cramps in your stomach... priceless.

Man, I love hanging out with Gopher.

Haha he also gave me a pic of when he was in sixth grade. If anyone who knows him wants to see it I'll charge one dollar. It's so worth it!
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