Kristin Orlando (karebear8699) wrote,
Kristin Orlando

For my Get Smart fans

You will be happy to know (this entry will mostly be aimed at Sarah C.) That the remake of Get Samrt (as in the movie coming out next year with Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart) is a GO! If you can't quite recall who Steve Carell was the retarded guy in Anchorman (in my opinion he will make a fabulous Max)Since I'm cool and I all I have connections to a woman named Sue. She owns a Sunbeam convertible the exact make as Don Adam's one in Get Smart and her car has been used in many photoshots and Don Adams has even sat in it! Well anyway, she met Steve Carell when they were doing a photoshoot and he already has the voice down pat aparently. But still, no one catsed for the roles of 99 or Chief. BUt still, I'm so excited and I'm sure you will be too Saras (and anyone else who likes Get Smart)

Dude opening night we're gonna have to have a party and then go see it.

Long Live Get Smart
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