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Life Or Something Like It

Ooh, ooh, she's buying a stairway to Heaven

Kristin Orlando
18 November
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This is basically a place where I can let things out. Sometimes I vent. Sometimes I say how I feel about issues that are very contervisial. Im not right nor am I wrong. This is just how I feel. I speak my mind and no matter what I say what I feel. I may offend people... but that's who I am.
So you're probably asking yourself, "Who is this amazing girl? The one That I cant live without?!"
I'll tell you! I'm Kristin Orlando and I live in Green Bay WI
I go to Preble high and am The coolest person in the world! Wanna be my friend?! Friend me and I will befriend you! Like on the lil thingy up there or down below yeah that's what I'm taling bout babe!

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