Kristin Orlando (karebear8699) wrote,
Kristin Orlando

Well just like Scott ( tenshi_fallen ) I have decided that I will screw over my other plans of reaching 1000 entries. It's time for a change. A new year shall mean a new Live Journal for Kristin. I shall add all of you on my Friends list so you won't have to go through tooo much trouble. My new User name is krissmarie I hope to see you there. And as my last entry in this journal... A conversation between Kari and I.

ok go 06: hey kris
Squirt2712: Hey Kari
ok go 06: wanna hang out today
Squirt2712: I have to help my pops move out of the old office into the new office. Some firefighter crap.
ok go 06: thats gaye
Squirt2712: Dude, Gaye?
ok go 06: yeah, like marven
Squirt2712: Dude, you're GAYE.
ok go 06: hahaha
Squirt2712: That is a gaye way to spell gay
ok go 06: gosh. we are lame
Squirt2712: Yes you are.
Squirt2712: I'm looking at new LJ icons and I just have to say, that those mushy ones piss the hell out of me.
ok go 06: yeah, most are gaye
ok go 06: man, you made me seem so easy and slutty last night
Squirt2712: Dude if you don't stop spelling gay gaye I will kick your sorry ass to gayevill.
ok go 06: haha.
Squirt2712: I know I did. That was my intention.
ok go 06: honestly
Squirt2712: Yes.
ok go 06: that wasnt very nice.
Squirt2712: But really, Kari, you ALWAYS seem slutty and easy. I was just taking advantage of that.
ok go 06: BS
ok go 06: im nice.
Squirt2712: YOu can be nice and easy and slutty at the same time.
Squirt2712: Duh.
ok go 06: whatever.
ok go 06: and why didnt you say that this was like 4 years ago.
Squirt2712: Why didn't I say that? I believe I did.
ok go 06: you made it sound like it was yesterday
ok go 06: i cant remember honestly
Squirt2712: what? You're not making any sense.
Squirt2712: Are you drunk?
ok go 06: i wish.
Squirt2712: I know.
ok go 06: we should go shopping sometime soon
Squirt2712: Yes we should, love.
ok go 06: ok, im gonna go eat something.
ok go 06: talk to you later
ok go 06: love
Squirt2712: See ya around.

I shall keep this journal for... memories. But it's time to end this chapter in my life. Goodbye all. Who knows. I might switch back eventually. So keep this one on your friends list if you so shall wish.
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