Kristin Orlando (karebear8699) wrote,
Kristin Orlando

My Anti-Drug

God I'm a loser.
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thats too cute!!!!
You're an idiot?
Was that a question? Dude, you're a fag.
kristin!!!!! that's awesome! no, kari, she's not an idiot.
Can I just say that I'm so glad I'm not the only one who LOVES Get Smart. I keep looking for a box set or something, but I can never find it!! You should let me know if you ever come actoss being this completely random person to comment on your journal randomly. Hope you don't mind.
Lol I don't mind that you commented at all! And believe me if I ever get word about a Get Smart box set I'll tell you. Have a merry Christmas!
Lol thank you. You too....Merry Christmas!